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A Free Virtual Issue on the theme of Secularism

The interface between religion and secularism has in recent years generated both heat and light about the evolution of modern post-industrial, post-colonial societies. Local advocates of secularism have argued that neither Australia nor New Zealand are Christian nations and that secularism without religion forms the underlying ideology of the post-enlightenment state. Other scholars have been … Continue reading

Some free highlights from The Heythrop Journal

Founded in 1960 on the conviction that the disciplines of philosophy and theology have much to gain from their mutual interaction, The Heythrop Journal provides a medium of publication for scholars in each of these fields and encourages interdisciplinary comment and debate. The Heythrop Journal embraces all the disciplines which contribute to theological and philosophical … Continue reading

Historic document on mission issued

Recently, the Vatican, the World Council of Churches and the World Evangelical Alliance issued an historic document on mission, questioning many traditional practices and agreeing on standards of integrity about such issues as coercion, cultural hegemony, and “conversion”. The document is the result of five years of consultations by some 40 experts in ecumenical and … Continue reading

NEWS: What of Pets in the Rapture? Atheists to the Rescue!

Part of that which gets “left behind” during the rapture that many American Christians anticipate are: pets. This is because, according to the beliefs of some Christians, pets have no souls. So, naturally, they will remain earthbound while their owners are lifted heavenward. This could present, potentially, a bit of a dilemma: millions of pets with no one to care … Continue reading

NEWS: Burqa Comes Under Attack Again

France with its tradition of ensuring the separation of state and religion, has long acknowledged concerns with outward displays of religious symbols, in particular certain items of clothing worn by Muslim women. Given the proximity of French regional elections (21 March 2010) it appears likely that this issue will come to the forefront once again, … Continue reading

NEWS: Tax-Exempt Status for The Family?

The Family, an elite Christian network with strong political ties, is back in the news. Jeff Sharlet’s 2008 bestseller, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, introduced many to this organization, also known as the Fellowship, which is perhaps most recognized for sponsoring the National Prayer Breakfast each February in Washington, … Continue reading

NEWS: Conservative Christian Response to Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar, which was released in the United States in December, has received much popular acclaim. Many movie critics have even been pleased with it, and it has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards. Yet, like every movie, Avatar has its detractors. Some conservative Christians have spoken out against the movie’s perceived promulgation … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Workplace Discrimination

The European Commission has demanded that the British government amends its legislation relating to discrimination in the workplace. Although discrimination in the workplace was outlawed within the European Union in 2000, Britain did not enshrine this in law until 2003. Furthermore, the British government believed they could apply certain exemptions to the implementation of the … Continue reading

NEWS: BNP Accused of Hijacking Christianity

After Nick Griffin’s recent appearance on the BBC Question Time programme – aired on Thursday 22 October 2009 – the media has been caught up in a frenzy of analysis. Much of this has focused upon the discussion as to whether or not the British National Party [BNP] should have ever been allowed to propagate … Continue reading

NEWS: “Sex, Satanism and Sacrifice…”

A recent story in the Australian publication The Register touches on the highly emotive issues of sex, sacrifice, witchcraft and exorcism. It appears that this report is based on the anecdotal evidence – supplied by ‘radical Minister’ Danny Nalliah – of a Pastor supervising a school trip. During this excursion to Mount Ainslie, near Canberra, … Continue reading

NEWS: Creationism vs. Darwinism in Rap

Ever since the publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859, there have been heated discussions between those who believe in divine creation and those who favour the theory of evolution. Although, it may be argued that the two are not mutually exclusive, for many the issue remains divisive. However, 150 years on, it … Continue reading

NEWS: America is a Hindu Nation?

A recent article in Newsweek suggests that Americans no longer reflect a Christian worldview. Quoting surveys from the Pew Forum, Newsweek, and Harris, journalist Lisa Miller asserts that many Americans display popular Hindu beliefs. First, referencing a 2008 Pew Forum survey, Miller explains that 65% of Americans believe “many religions can lead to eternal life.” … Continue reading

NEWS: Amish Novels: A New Genre

Beverly Lewis’s 1997 novel The Shunning, which related her grandmother’s experience leaving a Mennonite community, has spawned what is becoming a literary genre in its own right: the Amish novel. In following with Lewis’s novel, which has sold over 12 million copies, these books are, for the most part, neither written by nor read by … Continue reading