Soft Roof Wash VS PRessure Wash

It is important to keep the exterior and roof of your home clean in order to keep it looking good and to prevent the build-up of things like dirt, mildew, and mold. Two popular ways to accomplish this goal are soft washing and pressure washing. These two methods each have benefits and drawbacks. Asking important questions before having your roof cleaned is key to hiring the right company. Roof cleaning Jacksonville Fl is the pressure washing company I trust to clean my roof every time.

Pressure washing uses pressurized water, at 2,500 PSI (pounds per square inch) or greater, in order to clean surfaces. One drawback is that the pressure can cause damage to the surface such as removing paint, destroying window screens or shingles, or damaging siding. This method is best used for concrete (such as sidewalks or driveways), paved patios, and surfaces like brick or stone.

Soft washing utilizes chemicals, that are environmentally friendly and safe for your home, to clean surfaces and therefore requires much less pressure (under 1,000 PSI). As a result, the risk of damage due to the pressure is greatly reduced. This method is good for wood paneling, stucco, screens, and much more. Chemical soft washing is also typically longer lasting than pressure washing and can prevent further build-up because instead of simply removing bacteria – the cause of most dirt and stains – like pressure washing, chemicals actually kill bacteria. This can save you money.

However, soft washing may not be as effective at removing difficult stains or large amounts of build-up as pressure washing. Another downside is that soft washing is more complex than pressure washing. Some chemicals used for soft washing can also damage plants, so it is important to carefully select your chemicals and to take measures to protect your plants (which should also be done when pressure washing as pressure washing can also harm plants)

Most pressure washers are compatible with soft washing attachments, so you can use the same machine for both jobs.

In conclusion, soft washing and pressure washing are two different methods to clean your home’s exterior. Before selecting a method, you should consider the drawbacks and benefits of each and select the one most appropriate for the job at hand.

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