Edited by Ted Vial and Deeana Klepper

Articles by volume:

Volume 10 (2016)

Salvation and Religious Diversity: Christian Perspectives
Olli‐Pekka Vainio

Volume 9 (2015)

Christianity and Empire
Joerg Rieger

The Role of Platonism in Augustine’s 386 Conversion to Christianity
Mark J. Boone

A ‘Gigantic Struggle Between Believers and Those Without God’? Catholicism in the Spanish Second Republic, 1931–1939
Richard Ryan

Volume 8 (2014)

Christian–Buddhist Polemics in Late Medieval/Early Modern Japan (pages 37–48)
James Baskind

Religion and Literature: Outsider, Tradition, and Transcendence (pages 11–24)
Brian Britt

Volume 7 (2013)

Twelfth Century Literal Bible Commentaries: Comparing Jewish and Christian (pages 509–516)
Devorah Schoenfeld

Christianity and Food: Recent Scholarly Trends (pages 433–443)
Barbara A. B. Patterson and Shirley M. Banks

“The Cure of Souls is the Art of Arts:” Preaching, Confession, and Catechesis in the Middle Ages (pages 372–384)
Andrew Reeves

Analytic Philosophy and Christian Theology (pages 361–371)
Jason McMartin

Christianity and Violence (pages 243–251)
David Krueger

Hagiography and Early Medieval History (pages 1–14)
Anna Taylor

Unitarianism, Universalism, and Unitarian Universalism (pages 15–24)
Daniel McKanan

Volume 6 (2012)

Disability Theology (pages 339–346)
Deborah Beth Creamer

Feminism and Religion: Intersections between Western Activism, Theology and Theory (pages 354–368)
Laurel Zwissler

Evangelical Youth Culture: Christian Music and the Political (pages 323–338)
Shawn David Young

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Engaging Intellect – Legendary Life (pages 309–322)
Peter Frick

The Decline and Fall of the West? Debates about the Trinity in Contemporary Christian Theology (pages 163–173)
Travis E. Ables

Queer Theologies (pages 1–13)
Laurel C. Schneider and Carolyn Roncolato

Religion and Media (pages 14–25)
Jeffrey H. Mahan

Teaching & Learning Guide for: Writing the History of the English Bible: A Review of Recent Scholarship (pages 97–102)
Ellie G. Bagley

Volume 5 (2011)

Democracy, Difference, and Reconstruction: Religion, Theology, and the Spirit of Pragmatism (pages 731–742)
Ronald Neal

Mormonism and its Historians: The State of the Field (pages 720–730)
Matthew Bowman

Globalization and Theology (pages 638–645)
Carl Raschke

Christianity and Human Trafficking (pages 567–578)
Yvonne C. Zimmerman

Animals in Christian Theology (pages 579–588)
David Grumett

Keswick and the East African Revival: An Historiographical Reappraisal (pages 477–489)
Jason Bruner

Pentecostal Theology: Retrospect and Prospect (pages 490–500)
Christopher A. Stephenson

Ecology and Contemporary Christian Theology (pages 376–388)
Whitney Bauman

Recent Work on Reinhold Niebuhr (pages 365–375)
Kevin M. Carnahan

Writing the History of the English Bible: A Review of Recent Scholarship (pages 300–313)
Ellie G. Bagley

Theo-Politics in the Holy Land: Christian Zionism and Jewish Religious Zionism (pages 114–128)
Carlo Aldrovandi

Zoroastrianism and the Bible: Monotheism by Coincidence? (pages 104–113)
Erhard S. Gerstenberger

Mapping Black Theology Globally (pages 61–70)
Edward P. Antonio

World Christian Historiography, Theological ‘Enthusiasms’, and the Writing of R. E. Frykenberg’s Christianity in India (pages 71–79)
Richard Fox Young

Volume 4 (2010)

Spiritualism: Communication with the Dead (pages 737–745)
Cathy Gutierrez

The Justice and Development Party Between Islam and Modernity
Rasim Özgür Dönmez

Mystical Philosophy in the Fifteenth Century: New Directions in Research on Nicholas of Cusa (p 471-485)
David Albertson

Picturing Theology: A Primer on Early Christian Art (p 410-425)
Lee M. Jefferson

The ‘Synthesis of All Heresies’: Roman Catholic Modernism (p 426-435)
C. J. T. Talar

Filming the Nuns of Regina Laudis: Old and New Evidence for Monastic Studies (p 340-352)
Margot Fassler

Religious Decline or Religious Change? Making Sense of Secularization in Europe (p 300-311)
Todd Green

Vocation (p 211-220)
Jeffrey Scholes

Early Christianity and the Discourse of Empire in the First Three Centuries CE (p 144-156)
Chris Frilingos

Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in South Africa and Zimbabwe: A Review
Gladys Ganiel

Schleiermacher on Religion (p 75-85)
Andrew Dole

Protestant Translations of the Bible in Indian Languages
Hephzibah Israel

Volume 3 (2009)

Science and Process Theology (p 961-970)
J. Thomas Howe

Christian Holy Women and the Exercise of Religious Authority in the Medieval West (p 847-856)
John Coakley

The Place of Nature in Twelfth-Century Spirituality (p 595-607)
Sara Ritchey

Introduction to Luther’s Theology in Global Context (p 417-429)
Christine Helmer

Luther’s and Melanchthon’s Students: The Wittenberg Circle and the Development of its Theology to 1600
Robert Kolb

Convivencia in Medieval Spain: A Brief History of an Idea (p 72-85)
Kenneth Baxter Wolf

Real Women or Objects of Discourse? The Search for Early Christian Women
L. Stephanie Cobb

African Christians in a Secularizing Europe
Afe Adogame

‘The Rise of the Historical Consciousness’ (p 86-98)
Johannes C. Wolfart

Volume 2 (2008)

Ulrich Zwingli (p 949-960)
Peter Opitz

What Every Beginning Student Needs to Know about Nineteenth-Century Protestant Theology (p 961-978)
Paul E. Capetz

Process Theology and the Problem of Evil (p 979-992)
John W. Woell, J. Thomas Howe

Making Sense of Feminist Theology Today (p 788-803)
Laurel C. Schneider, Cassie J. E. Trentaz

‘Fundamentalisms’ Compared
Henry Munson

Beyond the Totalitarian: Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion in Recent Hegel Scholarship (p 556-574)
Thomas A. Lewis

Early Christian Archaeology: A State of the Field (p 575-619)
Kim Bowes

Reassessing Albrecht Ritschl’s Theology: A Survey of Recent Literature (p 620-641)
Christophe Chalamet

Early Medieval Christian Identity and Anti-Judaism: The Case of the Visigothic Kingdom (p 642-658)
Rachel L. Stocking

Black Theology: A Survey of Its Past, Present, and Future (p 160-179)
Anthony Pinn

In Pursuit of a Singular Text: New Testament Textual Criticism and the Desire for the True Original (p 180-194)
Jennifer Wright Knust

Masowe Migration: A Quest for Liberation in the African Diaspora
Isabel Mukonyora

Volume 1 (2007)

Can a Darwinian Be a Christian? (p 711-724)
Gregory W. Dawes

Creationism (p 547-560)
Arthur McCalla

Church–State Relations in Europe (p 561-578)
Russell Sandberg, Norman Doe

Theology in its Spatial Turn: Space, Place and Built Environments Challenging and Changing the Images of God (p 353-379)

What’s New in the History of Christianity? (p 279-293)
Anne Thayer

Theology and the Lure of the Practical: An Overview (p 294-304)
Mary McClintock Fulkerson

Understanding Israelite Religion: New Challenges for Chinese Bible Translations
Yiyi Chen